Huzzah! I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award  by the lovely J G Burdette at their  blog  Map of Time: A Trip into the Past. If you’re in to history and all things nautical, you should give it a visit!

Receivers of the Very Inspiring Blog Award have to tell you seven things about themselves and nominate seven other blogs.

So here goes, seven things about me…

1) I adore animals. Dogs are my favourite but our present circumstances don’t allow us to have one. Instead, I live with 9 very spoilt guinea pigs and spend most my time pampering them. I prefer animals to most people, and I’d definitely rather get a puppy than have a baby.

2) Despite being a costume drama enthusiast, my favourite films tend to be action movies. I love Die Hard and my favourite film is Gladiator.

3) I’m in to show tunes and classical music. I know all the lyrics to Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon to name but a few. This means I rock at “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” on the Lips game.

4) I’m married to a wonderful man named Kevin who I actually picked up in a bookshop. This is another reason why I’m staying away from Kindles – if bookshops go down, where will people like me find husbands?!

5) I’m a Christian and try to read a bit of the Bible every day.

6) I know some stuff about investments. I’ve worked as an administrator in the industry for six years and have passed the first stage of the Investment Administration Qualification (although I think it’s now called the Investment Operations Certificate).

7) I write because I’ve read so many books that have given me a sense of happiness and wonder. I want to give that feeling to others.

The seven blogs I want to nominate revolve around my obsession with Georgian history. They are:

1) The Duchess of Devonshire’s Gossip Guide to the Eighteenth Century.  I particularly like the post on how to give yourself a Georgian hair-do!

2) Mike Rendell’s Journal of a Georgian Gentleman. Some fascinating stuff from real life sources.

3) Madame Guillotine. The tagline is “Kill them all, if they won’t eat cake”. What more do you need to know?!

4) Rachel Knowle’s Regency History blog. Lovely snapshots of the most important people and issues of the time.

5) Loretta and Isabella unearth some fascinating things at Two Nerdy History Girls.

6) Georgian Junkies – Authors Emery Lee and Lucinda Brant are every bit as obsessed as I am.

7) Life Takes Lemons Susan’s blog is just beautiful. It’s like my eighteenth-century playground.

3 Comments on Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. J. G. Burdette
    22/04/2012 at 8:20 pm (5 years ago)

    I’ve subscribed to the Regency History via RSS. Can’t wait to start digging!

  2. Life Takes Lemons
    22/04/2012 at 10:57 pm (5 years ago)

    I particularly like #4 because, really, is there a better place to find a spouse if you’re an avid reader? So many books = so many opportunities for pickup lines!

    Thanks for the nomination, Laura. It was a lovely surprise. Great list of history blogs you have here. I now have two new ones to check out (thanks for that too!) which is where I’m off to right now . . .

    • lauradpurcell
      23/04/2012 at 6:24 pm (5 years ago)

      Hooray! It’s just so great sharing the history love :)