Mistress of the Court

” A masterful insight into an abused wife, reluctant mistress, and bereft mother which engaged me from the first page.” Anita Seymour, author of Royalist Rebel.

“A skilful tale of royal power, manipulation and a heart-warming bid for freedom.” Martine Bailey, author of An Appetite for Violets and The Penny Heart.

“Not since Jean Plaidy’s Georgian series has historical fiction about the Hanoverian monarchy been so captivating in all its glorious and gritty intrigue.” Lucinda Brant, NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of Georgian historical romances and mysteries.

“A page-turner of a book about a little known episode in our history. Hanoverian Court life is so vividly recreated, you’ll think you were there.” Deborah Swift, author of The Lady’s Slipper, The Gilded Lily and A Divided Inheritance.

Queen of Bedlam

“I cannot applaud Laura Purcell enough . . . masterfully written and well-researched” Historical Novel Society

“Fascinating, disturbing, intriguing, and exciting” Unabridged Chick

“This is the kind of novel that you simply sink into and find yourself fully engaged” A Bookish Affair

“A stand-out among the books written surrounding the various reigns of English monarchs . . . Her writing style will make you feel as if you are gliding across pages” Oh, for the Hook of a Book

“Readers who grew up reading Jean Plaidy’s Georgian Saga may find themselves, like me, preferring Purcell’s storytelling ability due to her deeper characterizations and more realistic dialogue” Reading the Past

“A fascinating look at one of England’s more eccentric Kings, and his unappreciated family” Ageless Pages

“I was very impressed by this historical novel and will look forward to the author’s future offerings” The True Book Addict

“The writing flows beautifully, making for a very pleasurable reading experience” Kincavel Korner

“A very strong book of mental illness and its effects on the royal family” Svetlana’s Reads and Views

“Queen of Bedlam was an enthralling and intimate fictional look at the lives of King George III, Queen Charlotte, and their daughters” The Musings of ALMYBNENR

“I look forward to more novels by this author and really enjoyed her writing” The Maiden’s Court

“Purcell breathes lifeblood into the people behind the titles . . . She honoured their memories and embodied their essence” Jorie Loves A Story

“A well written, captivating story” Book Lovers Paradise


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