It’s been a hectic week and autumn has truly arrived, so I thought tonight’s post could be a bit of fun. I follow a lot of romance authors on Twitter and often see them talking about their heroes. They grapple to create the perfect blend of realistic, sexy, romantic  and loveably flawed. When I’m writing my books, I don’t really think of the male characters as “heroes”. The Hanoverian monarchs weren’t an ideal match for any woman – though they certainly had their share of love and affection. Which one would you pick?

George Louis  (George I)


Pros: Cool in a crisis. Won’t stay out late at night with the lads. Devotion to granddaughters shows a tender heart beneath the calm exterior. Not into pomp. Enigmatic and reserved in an interesting way.

Cons: Described as colder than an ice block. Will have your lover murdered and sealed up in a wall. Ends most arguments by separating you from your children.

George Augustus (George II)

Pros: Will be devoted to you and only takes mistresses to look cool. Heeds your advice. Excellent writer of love letters. Knows how to throw a party.

Cons: Extremely bad temper. Likely to swan off to Hanover and leave you in charge of the country. Refuses to accept illness. Hates anything vaguely artistic.

Frederick Louis (Prince of Wales)

Pros: Good father. Poetic, musical and artistic.  Devoted to the idea of being a gentleman scholar. Helps old ladies pick up oranges and puts out fires.

Cons: Will never actually be King. Despised by most of his family. Propensity towards brothels. Likely to hurry you out of Hampton Court whilst in labour, shove you into a coach and tell you to stop making such a fuss. Tendency to get hit by cricket balls.

George William Frederick (George III)

Pros: Faithful and considerate. Good father (to the girls, at least). Conscientious, will always try to do the right thing. Ability to sire large families.

Cons: Annoying habit of adding “what, what?” to the end of every sentence. Stubborn to the point of stupidity. Will keep you out of politics. Intermittent madness.

George Augustus Frederick (George IV)

Pros: Well turned out. Clean smelling and highly fashionable. Into interior decor. Very likely to shower you with expensive gifts. Ultimate party host.

Cons: Toddler strops and hysterical outbursts. Tendency to fat and gout. Hounded by debt. Insane friends. Suspicious. Will probably turn against you and decide he was in fact, never married to you at all.

William Henry (William IV)

Pros: Naval uniform. Usually cheerful. Can boast that he sailed with Horatio Nelson. Not one to stand on ceremony.

Cons: Frequently drunk. Embarrassingly frank. Described in later life as looking like a frog with a pineapple on its head. Supporter of the slave trade.

Gee whiz, it’s a tough choice. Who gets your vote, ladies?

3 Comments on Hanoverian Bachelor Auction

  1. Keira West
    21/09/2012 at 8:28 pm (5 years ago)

    Obviously Frederick.. Maybe George one, two or three. It’s hard to choose between the four..