Queen Charlotte's bookHere is a selection of the books I have used in my research for my novels. I will keep adding to this as time goes by.

George I

The King’s Mistress – Claudia Gold

George I – Ragnhild Hatton

George I – Joyce Marlow

Sophia of Hanover – J N Duggan

The Captive Princess – Paul Monrand

George II & Caroline

Letters to and from Henrietta, Countess of Suffolk, and her second husband the Hon. George Berkeley from 1712 to 1767 (Volumes I and II)

King’s Mistress, Queen’s Servant – Tracy Borman

King George II and Queen Caroline – John van der Kiste

Queen Caroline – Joanna Marschner

Memoirs of the Reign of George II (Volumes I and II) – Lord John Hervey

Courtiers – Lucy Worsley

Royal Discord – Veronica Baker-Smith

Amphibious Thing – Lucy Moore

The Great Man – Edward Pearce

George II – Andrew C Thompson

Queen Caroline: Cultural Politics at the Early Eighteenth-Century Court – Joanna Marschner

Caroline the Illustrious (Volumes I and II) – W H WiIkins

Frederick & Augusta

A Royal Affair – Stella Tillyard

Frederick Louis, Princes of Wales – Averyl Edwards

Poor Fred and The Butcher – Morris Marples

George III & Charlotte

George III: A Personal History – Christopher Hibbert

George III – John Clarke

Journals and Letters – Frances Burney

Queen Charlotte – Olwen Hedley

George III’s Children – John Van Der Kiste

Princesses – Flora Fraser

The daughters of George III – D M Stuart

George III – Christopher Wright

The Good Queen Charlotte – Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald

George IV, Caroline, Charlotte and Maria Fitzherbert

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire – Amanda Foreman

The Unruly Queen – Flora Fraser

George IV – Alan Palmer

George IV – Christopher Hibbert

George IV – E A Smith

Rebel Queen – Jane Robins

The Mistresses of King George IV – M J Levy

Prinny’s Daughter – Thea Holme

Maria Fitzherbert – James Munson

Caroline and Charlotte – Alison Plowden

The King’s Wife – Valerie Irvine

Sir William Knighton – Charlotte Frost

Prince Regent – Harry Edgington

Charlotte & Leopold – James Chambers

Perdita – Paula Byrney

The Disastrous Marriage – Joanna Richardson

George, Prince & Regent – Philip W Sergeant

William IV, Dorothea Jordon and Adelaide

King William IV – Philip Ziegler

William IV, Mrs Jordan and the family they made – Daniel A Willis

Mrs Jordan’s Profession – Claire Tomalin

William IV – Anne Somerset

Queen Adelaide – Mary Hopekirk


Ladies in Waiting – Anne Somerset

The Georgian Princesses – John Van Der Kiste

The War of Wars – Robert Hervey

Intimate Letters of England’s Queens – Margaret Sanders

The French Revolution – Christopher Hibbert

Dr Johnson’s London – Lisa Picard

The Hanoverians – Jeremy Black

Eavesdropping on Jane Austen’s England – Roy and Lesley Adkins

London in the Eighteenth Century  – Jerry White

Georgian London: Into the Streets – Lucy Inglis


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