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Laura Purcell lives in Colchester with her husband and pet guinea pigs. She is represented by Juliet Mushens at Caskie Mushens Literary Agency.

Her first novel for Raven Books THE SILENT COMPANIONS was a Radio 2 Book Club choice and Goldsboro Book of the month. It will be followed by THE CORSET in October 2018, BONE CHINA and THE SHAPE OF DARKNESS in later years.

Laura’s historical fiction novels about the Hanoverian monarchs, QUEEN OF BEDLAM (2014) and MISTRESS OF THE COURT (2015), were published by Myrmidon and are available from all book retailers.




  1. J. G. Burdette 17/04/2012

    Hi, Laura
    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award here:

  2. Eve Glass 12/08/2012

    I’ve just found this site, and I must say I’m looking forward to all of these books, particularly ‘Queen of Tears’. I’m very interested in history, mostly in the history of royal families. I can’t wait to get stuck into these…

    Eve Glass

    • lauradpurcell 14/08/2012 — Post author

      Hi Eve, I’m so glad you’re looking forward to my books! I’m excited about writing them too. I’ve been doing some research for Queen of Tears recently and there’s so much great material in Augusta’s life. Can’t believe she’s been neglected by fiction for so long.

  3. Christine Crawford 12/09/2012

    I am researching my ancestor who was teacher of pianoforte to HRH the Princess of Wales in 1811. Can you please email me privately?

  4. Eve Glass 05/02/2013

    If ever you need help with information on Augusta, don’t hesitate to email me. I’ve read every single thing that I can find about her! I’m writing my own book about her life, mostly set prior to Frederick’s death.

  5. lauradpurcell 08/02/2013 — Post author

    Thanks Eve, it always helps to have lots of research brains on the case!

  6. Derek Keen 26/05/2013

    Dear Laura,
    When I finally saw your profile I came to the distinct conclusion that you would have been admirably suited to being a lady in 18th century England. You have the look, the hair and the lips for it. Anyway, I found the summary on Caroline of Ansbach very helpful to my limited knowledge of her. Having written my first novel, part of which focuses on the outset of the Engish Civil War (my speciality), I am currently working on the sequel. This, however, moves forward in time to 1739, a period needing more research by me – Hanovrian overtones, Walpole and the Whigs etc Caroline seemed favourable to the Whigs, so your blog came in very handy to understand how she and George II got on together.

    • lauradpurcell 26/05/2013 — Post author

      I’m so glad you found it helpful :)

      • Derek Keen 26/05/2013

        Do you know what kind of card games they enjoyed playing at their soirees or small gatherings? I might use this detail in some way.Thank you for your patience (if you have any, and I think you do).


        • lauradpurcell 26/05/2013 — Post author

          Ah. what does a writer have if not patience? :) Some popular card games were faro, quadrille, whist and commerce. This wonderful website includes instructions on how to play – though I haven’t tried it for myself yet!

  7. Maria 01/07/2013

    Hi Laura I just finished reading your blog about Prince Leopold. It was so very odd. I also became fascinated and my sister actually says obsessed with Charlotte’s and Leopold’s love story to the point I even went to England to see Claremont. I was able to hire a private guide(which wasn’t really cheap mind you)because it isnt one of the most popular site to visit lol. Well there were no problems with the gardens or seeing the land as it became a national heritage tourist attraction. But the estate became a boarding school and when my tour guide ask to visit we were.told that they are strict about for the protection of the students. But I was lucky enough to have a talented tour guide,,lol.. She was able to drive around so we can see part of the back of and just when I thought that was it when she saw no one was guarding the entrance gate she drove in! The first thing that came to minds was,”I really don’t want to go to prison in a foreign As soon as she drove in I saw the estate. Claremont estate was in a higher ground while the driveway loop around it and there were few men who stopped us. But our tour guide asked them the direction for something else and said were So I got a closeup look of the estate. Such a shame I cannot see the inside, although I read somewhere that they do tour students there and they show them Charlotte’s room.. I also went to st. Georges chapel and saw the popular memorial for her. But I didn’t get to visit the crypt..and I was told by a friend that they do open it at other times. :( I went to London museum to see Charlotte’s wedding dress and was told its not on display and is being kept at Kensington palace where we just came from! Of course 2years later When im back in the US they had an exhibit about her including her wedding dress lol. Its very tricky to visit these places.. I thought if I visit Belgium I won’t even get down to the crypt where King Leopold is buried because just like St.Georges,s Chapel it is only open on certain days.. Anyway I did write a blog about them also right after I came back from England more than 2 years ago. Anyway this is now a novel so I apologize. I just want to let you know I enjoyed reading your blog and also to let you know that we shared the same “obsession” because I read just about all book I can find about them.

    • lauradpurcell 01/07/2013 — Post author

      That sounds amazing, I’d love to see Claremont! Charotte and Leopold’s story is so fascinating, writing it is going to be an absolute pleasure.

  8. Andrew Sceats 08/01/2018

    Hi Laura,

    I’ve just finished The Silent Companions. I had considered myself too old and jaded to be genuinely terrified by any book. Thanks for proving me wrong.

    Beneath the fictional horror, of course, is the genuine, real-life horror of women made helpless by having their fates ordained by the decisions of men. The way that you seamlessly blended those two themes is what, for me, makes this book so remarkable and compelling.

    Andrew Sceats (a fellow Colcestrian)

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